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Tel: 678-421-4789

Soul centered

wellness for 

your best life.

Wealth and wellness workshops, 1:1 tarot consultations,

and daily inspiration for the spiritually inclined.

Stream the podcast.

Clarity, Community, & Guidance  you can trust.

Intuitive Tarot Consultations

 Together we look at where you are and where you'd like to go.  We discover what your blocks

are and work through them. 

Clarity and direction is the goal of every session.

On Demand Guidance

In depth, monthly, intuitive guidance is available as a subscription through our on demand service.   Our videos offer guidance for all of the zodiac and focuses on the pillars of holistic wellness for the collective.  Similar to horoscopes, our tarotscopes combine astrological knowledge with intuitive tarot guidance with the goal of clarity and personal growth.

Workshops & Lifeclasses

These on demand programs  help you align with your personal abundance, and transform the way you view and manage your finances.

Holistic Approach

We use a combination of modalities, including astrology and tarot,  to create breakthroughs and shifts at the crossroads of your life. 



inspirational messages

for financial and spiritual 

wellness, posted daily.